Saturday, April 09, 2005


I just picked up The Yarn Harlot's book, At Knit's End which I gazed at longingly at Borders' the other day. Because I did *not* get into my History program, I treated myself to the book. So Stephanie, thank you for bringing me out of my funk. It's WONDERFUL.

In other news, I have run out of yarn for Clapotis. Anyone have an extra skein of Noro Silk Garden #84 lying about?

I'm, as a whole, unimpressed with Knitty as a whole this season. Meh.

I think I may switch to Wordpad this weekend.

I seem to be the queen of short sentences.

I WILL, however, share a little story, inspired by a comment I made to The Yarn Harlot.

Willow, my lovely labrador, loves yarn. She loves alpaca particularly, and unspun roving. Her favourite kind of needles are size 2 Plymouth DPNS. This has stymied any sock process I make, because inevitably she goes *into my bookbag* and *into the ziplock* and eats the socks, usually a fair way into the cuff. So, I have never made socks.

The best experience, and Elisa can attest to this, would be when Willow and Sophie (my bratty calico cat)tag-teamed roving. I think they both participated in that It looked like a pink-and-gold filled stuffed animal was decimated in my solarium. I'm still finding bits of it when I least expect it. I think it took about an hour to put everything back together, and I still have unspun roving. Anyone want to spin it for me? I'll pay. In something. It's gorgeous roving.

Off to read more of that lovely book, and finish up the last bits I can of Clapotis. I smell a sweater starting tomorrow, oh yes I do.


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