Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Finally, we have pictures.


Tempting, as modeled by Yours Truly. This has been washed once, and I notice that it's a lot nicer now that it's been blocked. I love this pattern! I think if I make another one, I"ll actually make the small-- this one is a a bit big in the torso on me. Made in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in Pink with black organza ribbon. I am normally not so wide-in-the-waist. I might need to shrink this a bit. Let's be honest. The damn thing is hanging on me. Now that I look at myself, man, I look worn out. Anyway. That's a discussion for a different blog.


Booga Bag, which took me about... a day and a half? Noro Kureyon #24, I think.


6 straight repeats into Clapotis. It's slow but sure. Noro Silk Garden #84.

Right now I'm on cloud nine because I got an email back from Jenna Adorno (asking about her sweaters shown on Knitty Gritty) saying that she had seen my blog (shown to her by Vickie Howell!) and that she had been meaning to write me! I'm embarassed to admit that I kind of squeed, as I really like BOTH of their work, but I particularly like Jenna's because although she's quite a bit thinner than me, her patterns seem to flatter me. Well, except when they're too big. But that's operator error. Anyway... Yay!


Blogger unravelme said...

Yay, pictures!

I love the color you used for Tempting, and it's such a good color for you.

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