Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Knitting Meme.

Knitting Meme

Do you knit using the English or Continental Method?

I knit a weird version of English where I do everything English, but I throw the yarn with my left hand, not my right. I'm weird. But it works!

How long ago did you learn to knit?

A year and a half ago, right before Thanksgiving of 2003.

Who taught you how?
Books, exclusively.

What was your first FO?

A red and orange Muppet scarf-- made from Geisha and something else, and it's soft and yummy. A fiber snob from the beginning!

Favorite yarn?
Right now? Noro Kureyon. Gorgeous.

Favorite pattern you've knit so far?
I really like Tempting.

Favorite Pattern Source?

Favorite Needles?
Denises, or Brittany Birch.

Nicest thing you've ever knit?
Methinks the Tempting shall win. I hope Clapotis is nice, too.

Most hated project?
A pink scarf made out of Trendsetter Aura. I don't even wear it.

Who are you going to pass this on to?
Anyone who wants it. :)


Anonymous Meg said...

How was the audition last week? Hope it went well and that your knitting prowess wowed all who witnessed it! I'm thinking of knitting Tempting in anticipation of summer - can you make any recommendations about yarn? I want to make sure it's stretchy and maybe a little spongey. Good luck with starting Clapotis - she's next on my list, too!

8:57 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

I ended up not "feeling" right about it-- instead I'm auditioning for Run For Your Wife (british farce!) tonight. I'm still bringing my knitting. ;)

12:44 PM  

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