Sunday, December 05, 2004

The New Knitty

It's out. My "ooh look now I'm a blogger so I must comment!!" post.

I really like Belle Epoque. I could totally see myself wearing it. I also like Tempting, though I'm not sure my figure would work with it. I am really tired of fun fur capes, and, frankly, knit reproductive organs. And Vickie Howell is so cute I want to puke. I think knitting out of fabric would probably be toooo much effort, for me.

I am totally into the ribbon and knit look-- I love the pink and black ribbon sweater in Stitch and Bitch Nation, too. Hrm. This will help me come up with a list of yarny-knitty-stuff for Mark to get me for Christmas!

(Mark, gentle reader, if you are not aware, is my husband.)


Blogger unravelme said...

I like "Tempting," too. If I make it, though, I should use machine-washable yarn (like Superwash wool or something), since I'd probably wear it to Kristopher's performances, and those venues can get pretty smokey!

1:02 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

I might see if I can knit that for the play I'm in. It would look cute for the "beach", ya know?

2:01 PM  

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